I write stories to relate, empower and grow. Let’s work together and create something beautiful.

Let’s be honest. I am a novice writer who constructs nothing more than just a stream of words with hopes that it will somehow flow into the souls that are searching for what it means to be alive.

But you know, that’s what I love about writing. You need to be honest.

To make people feel and just be the rawest form of yourself and be unapologetically vulnerable when you need to.

Anyway, being relatable sells. (Just kidding… but am I?)



My name is Syaza and I’ve been writing since November 2016 as more than just a hobby.

Since then, I’ve been writing in this blog and currently my writing career is a work-in-progress (always will be anyway)

I also have a full time job for a startup business in the education industry and has been enjoying the marketing side of it ever since I’ve laid my mind on it.

Writing and listening to stories are two things that I enjoy most about marketing.

I think more than ever today, we need to be good listeners in order to understand our customers.

It’s no longer about hard-selling, but more on how you’d make people believe in your brand.

And that is through content writing.

I love that kind of passion and I hope that shows in here.

Drop by an email hello@syaza.co to contact me or submit the form below.

Based in Brunei. Able to work internationally online.