“I don’t believe in myself anymore”

I was anxious about something today. It’s a normal kind of nervousness but as I tucked myself in bed, the anxiety magnified. So, I flipped through the pages my journal to express my worries. In the midst of writing my thoughts down, I heard a ding from my phone. “Maybe it’s a reminder from an Continue reading “I don’t believe in myself anymore”

Don’t know how to take a compliment? Read this.

I wrote a long post about how much I feared “putting myself out there” because I would then be exposed to a lot of things. I was actually prepared to receive critiques but I’ve been the one who never knew how to receive compliments gracefully. Maybe I could take it if it was indirectly about Continue reading Don’t know how to take a compliment? Read this.

Project Self #2: “Crack until you can’t”

Some days, you’ll crack. You’ve reached your limits. You’ve tried your best but you don’t know where you went wrong. This would be the time when you wouldn’t be able to find exactly why you are feeling the way you are feeling. Some days, you’ll question yourself why you’re here again. Some days, you’d feel Continue reading Project Self #2: “Crack until you can’t”