Why we started this podcast

The heart of this podcast is a spontaneous and raw conversations about what we feel and have read about.

It all started with us trying to achieve a big thing: having our own website and a team of content creators. It took us a year to realise that we couldn’t do all of it because we were too idealistic and didn’t have grand budget to start this thing. Then we had a Google hangout call one night, when we arrived to one thing that we felt we were good at: talking to each other about life. So, we thought, why not start a podcast?

We removed this idea of achieving big things and started focusing on building contents that we feel give value to other people and especially for ourselves. I started asking my friends and followers on IG what are they struggling with with a mission to help them understand their situation and hope that our discussions and reflections may give them the insights that they need for their lives.

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