My Mission

If we don’t have a mission and a purpose, we would do something half-heartedly. If we do something simply out of passion, it would mean that you’d stop when you no longer “feel like it”. 

My mission is to spread worthwhile ideas and reflections for those who are looking to improve their mindset and perspectives on lives, so that they’d be able to break their own barriers.

My Story

It all started with as pass-time hobby to express myself, and then the boredom to try something new, then a passion and then a purpose.

It has been a long journey to find my identity behind what I do, why I do what I do. I’ve always been attracted to improving myself and seeking the knowledge to, that I find myself here again.

But it had come down to one thing only: it is a means for me to write to give benefits to those who read while at the same time strengthening my faith to Allah by being my best self.

When you are truly your best, you will have the drive to initiate impact to those around you without even disrupting their flow.

This blog serves as a medium to reach out to those who believe that we all have the potentials to break our own internal barriers so that we are consistently growing, whether it to be a better person, a sister, daughter, a mother, a friend, a spouse, or an ‘abd (the slave to our Rabb).

On a side note…

  1. I indulge in personal development, faith and productivity-related books and articles almost everyday.
  2. I hoard books more than I read them.
  3. And by the way, I am obsessed with coffee and cats.
  4. I also spend my time pinning and organising my Pinterest board, claiming that I am an organised person. When in reality, my life is as messy as my mind.
  5. I have an old soul.
  6. I’m an introvert.
  7. I’ve also grown to love, love kids (ever since… I can’t recall) because they remind me of purity, innocence and last not but not least, authenticity.

Drop by an email to contact me. Based in Brunei. Able to work internationally online.

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