After a long time being away from home, I was more ready than ever to leave this place and return to the comfort of my home. This might sound trivial but I looked forward take a day off to do my laundry, run errands, unwind, and basically do nothing to clear my head before I set myself up for another life “marathon”. But Allah had another plan for me.

I had packed my bags and everything the night before, thinking that I’d have a smooth journey. Everything seems going to be fine. I woke up in time, and didn’t rush. A friendly taxi driver picked me up to drive me to the airport as we conversed for a bit in the beginning. No traffic. Smooth journey towards the airport. In silence, I was watching the sky as the sun was rising in which the sun light left a calming orange tint at the horizon set against a baby blue sky. I looked forward to meeting my cats and family (whoever is left at home).

Going home from this place has been almost a routine to me. I had been to this place too many times this year that it would have been nearly impossible to make any mistakes at this point. Just go to the self-check in machine; print your boarding pass and luggage tags; drop your baggage at the conveyor belt; have some breakfast; and make your way to through the security gate. I had everything visualised.

The first sign that things was going to be a bit different this time was when the machine couldn’t detect my booking number. I tried at different machines, and still it asked me to go to the service counter. So I went and queued up thinking it was just the machine and that everything will be fine. The queue wasn’t long but the service was slow. A man cut the queue because he had to catch a flight earlier than us in the queue.

After a long 20 minutes, it was finally my turn. I gave my passport to get it checked but this is when things started to go wrong. He had asked me about my booking number but couldn’t find my name at the intended flight. After getting things straight, he found it! Until he uttered “But this ticket is from Miri to KL” (When I was supposed to catch a flight back to Miri!)

My heart dropped at the time. I had limited amount of money at the time…

…. Isn’t it funny how we are only consciously aware of Him when we are in trouble, when we are in state of fear.

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Posted by:Syaza

I have nothing more than my stories about life, people and my Creator.

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