I’ve always claimed myself to be a reserved and a laid back person but this comes with the price of delaying a lot of things in my life, thinking that “It’s okay, things will get better” but things will not get better if I don’t do anything about it. It’s simple as that.

A lot of things in my life had not happened because I’ve been delaying my own success—I used to be the master of procrastinator, that I’d leave things to the very last minute which means I’d leave a half-hearted job or just enough to get through.

Maybe you’re reading this and you relate to this so much. The truth is not that you’re a lazy person, perhaps you just don’t find the heart in whatever that you are doing right now. It doesn’t make sense that human beings are naturally lazy as our fitrah is to survive even in the most extreme difficulties, with the will of Allah, of course. It just doesn’t make sense that we have the time to laze around when we are created to be the best form.

So I’m still on my journey trying to get rid of my procrastination completely if I want to be a successful and committed person.

Prior to writing this post, I have to admit I was going to delay writing this down because of another excuse that I made in my head that “Come on, it’s Sunday, you’re supposed to relax”.

But another voice came “Well you’ve been relaxing your whole life and that’s why you are still here” that made me took the first action of just do it.

Another excuse came with “Come on, just relax a bit, you need some inspiration, right?” Anyway, I ended up watching a series on YouTube which I am glad that I arrived to it. It’s a series about “A day in a life of a person working in Japan”.

You know what hit me most? How passionate they are regardless of how normal their day job is.

My favourite is an episode of this master chef who owns a few chains of restaurants in Japan who would start the day at 6AM and would make visiting every chain of his restaurants to check the quality of the food. Not just that, he would then teach his employees if they don’t meet his standards. He asked a chef of one of his many restaurants to cook of the same dish repeatedly until he was satisfied with the quality! Not twice or three times, but 9 times of the same dish!

He greets and treats his employees with respect. He is so involved in the kitchen that gets me even more inspired when he said “Cook every meal like you cook for someone you care about”

I was blown away. He really does it out of passion and love for food and feeding his customers with the best. Only the best. He didn’t stop there. He’d go back to his little office at 10PM to check the data that his employees send to him that he’d need to consolidate.

No wonder success attracts him. He does everything with passion and love. Not just that, he adds purpose in every of his small actions.

Then I pondered upon my own actions. Do I really put the heart and passion in everything that I do? Sometimes. But when I get tired, I don’t. I know it’s completely human to feel down but I’ve realised that we don’t have much time to laze around and too consumed in our own exhaustion. The least that I can do during my low days is to fill it with things that would reenergise myself and not to add more excuses to become even lazier.

Associating purpose even in the smallest of actions is the most crucial part of my self-growth. For instance, I’ve been trying to fix my sleep pattern and reclaim my morning routine back although it has been a struggle.

Sleeping is a daily action but if I don’t put a purpose or niat with it, then it’s no wonder I find it difficult to fix. I don’t put the passion and love in wanting to wake up early. I am disconnected to it. So I need to find the connection of a decent sleeping pattern with my purpose in life. If I can’t even fix a small yet important part of my life, how am I going to get through a massive wave in my life? You know what I mean?

I’ve been writing about fixing small things in your quite a number of times here and how it’s connected to what we seek for in life because I am a firm believer that everything we do is a result of our small, continuous and persistent actions.

Here’s a rhetorical question: “What is one small habit that I’d like to change and improve in your life?

Posted by:Syaza

I have nothing more than my stories about life, people and my Creator.

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