I’m no longer caught into the dilemma on what I want to do with my life but what has been holding me back for quite sometimes, is translating the idea of who I want to become into actionable items. When you don’t know how, it can be frustrating and demotivating at some point. You’re stuck in a cycle of doing the same thing, feeling complacent and would eventually grow inauthentic about creating something.

“Remember why you’re here. Remember why you’re here. Remember why you’re doing this”

These thoughts have been following me ever since I started this journey of being a writer or what I consider myself now more of a content creator. I’ve always thought that perhaps, one day I will run out of ideas and just forget about the dream to be a writer.

But have I ever run out of ideas? Not really. Uninspired maybe, but not so much on running out of ideas. What’s exhausting about creating content is when you’ve got nothing left to give but it could be a good thing too because then you’d realise, that you need to read and learn more because otherwise, the thing that you’re putting out there would be useless, lost in the abyss of the world of information and you’d be wasting your time and energy.

Sometimes, it’s simply because my mind is messy and I can’t seem to organise those ideas. Sometimes, it’s because I consume too much information and simplyt haven’t connected the dots which becomes a never ending journey of where do I then put these useful information that I’ve consumed from a book, or self-help videos.

This week alone, I’ve learned about loneliness, humility and at some point what it means to be authentic and happiness, with a mix of marketing tactics and trends for social media and website…. plus, the beautiful meaning behind some of the Surahs in the Quran.

I love consuming all these things but I honestly have been overwhelmed by it that I am not quite sure how these will all make sense in the end that makes me question “Will all these matter in the end?”

I missed posting yesterday here simply because I am overwhelmed what should I share first and whereabout do I from there because I don’t just want to share things without context.

One might think that I should stop consuming all these information from books, articles and videos but I’ve realised this one thing that answers the question “will all these matter in the end?”

NO. Not when I don’t know the intention behind what I do. Not when I am primarily doing this because of numbers or metrics. Not when it doesn’t give value to other people. Not when it no longer serves people.

When I completely stripped myself off the expectations that all of the things that I learn need to be “presented to the world” perfectly (as if my ideas are all that great), only then I’ve realised that knowledge doesn’t have to be presented perfectly. What I am putting out there is flawed, and will never be ideal or perfect as I want it to be, because it is the nature of us as a human being… as flawed, and as broken it can get.

What matters most is how you stick through all those mundane times, sometimes without the initial excitement or first spark when you first fell in love with it. That’s how relationship works right? Going through the mundane times together and when the initial spark is no longer there, you stick to it because it has somehow become a part of your life, which used to be a dream and now a reality…

Maybe that’s the relationship that I have right now with writing. I “dreamed” on being consistent and Alhamdulillah, I have become but then I need to find the next piece of the puzzle.

Plus, it’s not like you can revise the versions of your content later when you’ve reached a certain level of wisdom, right?

So, a few updates about “A Sunday Thing” podcast, Alhamdulillaaaah we have almost reached the end of the series. I released the 6th episode on “Letting Go” yesterday and we’re halfway done through the season!

The next few topics that we will talk about is: Self-worth, Loneliness, Humility and last but not least… HAPPINESS!

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Posted by:Syaza

I have nothing more than my stories about life, people and my Creator.

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