I’ve taken a week MC after going through a minor surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. It has been a pain but I am so relieved after having to live with it for 2 years (2 years guys!). Long story short, the first one came out when I was studying abroad. I went home to check at the dentist who reassured me I didn’t need to remove them. So I lived with it for 1 year hoping that it wouldn’t hurt me again. But, the pain persisted.

So, I was so determined to get rid of them this month as they had been disrupting my peace and productivity. So Alhamdulillah, I finally did!

Although, it has been quite lazy week for me as my post-surgery pain was accompanied by the time of the month that no women anticipate for. So, I’ve been doing a lot of reflections, just a tiny bit of reading and lots of sleeping. It’s a blessing in disguise honestly, because only then I have the mercy of not being held responsible for a lot of things for one week. But, it comes with the price of lethargy and laziness due to restricted diet (I’ve only been eating porridge and ice-cream 😦 omg it’s so hard guys)

So my energy has been quite low.

I’ve spent so much time alone for these couple of days just going through different journals, re-exploring my hobby of doodling and water-colour painting. I’ve also been watching too much aesthetic YouTube videos, Korean lifestyle and home vlogs. I’ve been embracing my boredom and alone time too well that I’ve forgotten where the time has gone. I’ve been experiencing a lot of different emotions in a span of 1 week.

But I’ve managed to arrive to point hoping that these experiences would somehow turn into a worthwhile post.

I’ve learned that sadness or a wave of worry and anxiety simply sometimes comes from what you’ve been consuming or the lack of consuming something.

Imagine this. Your body (especially for my ladies) is going through a cycle every month—there are a lot of internal changes that are going on in our body. A change in hormones means we’d need to acquire certain amount of nutrients more than any other normal days. For instance, on bloody days (literally), one needs to consume more iron. I’m no expert, but I know for a simple fact that attaining a balanced diet is often forgotten when we are trying to endure the exhaustion that comes with menstruation. This may lead to a lot of uncontrolled emotions that only us women can understand (Guys I cried while watching a heartwarming cartoon?!?? Am I not supposed to be happy instead?!)

I also needed to cut down on my painkiller med to not disrupt so much with my period. So, be aware of what you’ve been consuming especially when you’re going through a lot of changes.

I’ve learned that even introverts experience loneliness during their alone time.

A pang of familiar feeling came visiting me while I was just relaxing on my bed, scrolling down my social media. Then I exited my accounts only to go back to the living room to reach out to my cats.

“I though I love being alone”

I do. I still do. I love my alone time when it’s done with something creative or when I get to eat good food (maybe at this point I am just hungry as I am typing this).

This made me realise that I need to be more creative with my alone time like going out to get some fresh air or going out to cafes or whatever it may be. To me, loneliness is when you’re stuck in your thoughts and not being able to express them productively and creatively. This brings me to the next point.

I’ve learned that boredom breeds creativity.

I still remember my mum’s story when she was just a child—before social media and internet. They used to draw comic books and read to each other. They used to farm and tend goats.

So, on my attempt to cut down on social media (the one thing I am so proud of this week! Less than 1 hr spent/day on Instragam and FB wohooo) I look around to find inspirations whether it through reading or just watching creative videos. I’ve also been (this is a bit of a guilty pleasure) watching 2 fantasy anime movies for the last couple of days. I am glad that these bred a lot of new ideas useful for my own pursuits. Other than, I’ve been just reflecting and planning ahead for busy weeks ahead (sigh).

Boredom may after all, not be too bad, if we know how to make use of our time.

Above all, I’ve learned that for every long-term gain, one needs to go through, endure and persevere through a short-term gain.

My highlight this month would be the extraction of my wisdom teeth—all 4 of tehm. I even joked around it with childhood bestie about it (when she turned out to be nurse in OT, surprise surprise) that maybe it’s these wisdom teeth that have been holding me back from a lot of things. But of course, that is far from the truth.

The reality is in life, there are certain sacrifices that we need to make now in order to attain long-term success may it be in the form of wealth, health and time. Had I not taken the time to actually went to the dentist and eventually experienced the surgery, I would have to endure the periodic pain from the wisdom teeth over and over again. Other than physical pain, one emotional pain that we all can relate to is rejection.

Here’s 3 minutes of a podcast when we talked about Rejection
You can listen to it here

All these painful experiences, be it emotionally or mentally and even physically, may actually make us more courageous.

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