For the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring what truly makes me happy when I am alone. It has been such an interesting experience to rediscover who I am without people around me to depict who I am as a person. I’ve been experiencing this identity crisis maybe because I work as a customer service person and what people perceive me as… I eventually took it personally without even realising it. Simply because I had been drained out.

I’ve been enjoying my own company for a long time but for the past couple of months, I’ve been searching for external thrills to fill me which isn’t like me. Even if I did… I felt like I wasn’t being myself or I had been feeling inauthentic. Other than finding out that I haven’t been sleeping well, I also found out that I need to get a grip of my life rather than passively letting it flow and hoping that somehow, my dream will come true.

Sometimes, we forget that happiness doesn’t come in a form of a far-fetched package but they truly are in front of you.

SO, during this journey of rediscovering, I really had the urge to share the simple things that I’ve been doing this week.

1. Watching ASMR Close up videos.

Especially if they are Korean. Or Japanese. They just have a certain flair that makes their videos so aesthetically calming. I tend to watch this when I’d start becoming overwhelmed or when I just need to chill but still want to watch something.

I have two particular favourite Korean vloggers are Sueddu and Haegreendal whose vlogs are just *sigh*.

These are the lives I imagine myself to have—or at least do on my off days. They just highlight going through the day like any normal person has such as preparing breakfast (ESPECIALLY THIS!) while pouring hot water into their coffee maker (THE BEST!). Also, just listening to the sounds that we tend to take granted for in every day life magnify what I need to appreciate what I have—which is considered a luxury to some people out there.

Plus, this is one of the ways for me to get some creative inspirations (although I don’t make videos, but IDK just the vibe I guess).

2. Reducing social media time and unfollowing certain people.

I have been able to create more stuff while being away from social media, when I know no longer serve a purpose to the my social media accounts. I’ve chosen to repurpose my use of social media as a place for me to express my thoughts and when I haven’t been filling myself up, I notice that I’d been getting dry and that I wouldn’t know how I am benefiting the time that I spend on social media.

BUT, I have to admit, I still check out stories mindlessly which I limit myself too. And I’ve been watching cute animal videos… which I don’t regret at all. I’ve unfollowed a few accounts that don’t serve well to my mind and heart as I’ve realised how much what we see and hear DO impact you in the long run. So be careful what you consume!

3. Staying awake and getting up early.

By far one of the best things I’ve done. I’ve been struggling to get up early because I have become a night owl recently, as I’ve been able to get some creative work done at night while everyone’s asleep. I know it’s not healthy so I’ve been cutting my screen time before bed which have helped me to get better (still not at its best) sleep than before. I’ve been forcing myself to cut my time from getting some work done and instead focus on progress.

Completely far from waking up as early as I’d like to be (I still fail at some days especially during weekends HA) but I’ve been feeling rather calm rather than trying to rush every. single. time.

4. Paying attention to your loved ones.

Just looking into your loved ones’ eyes and being attentive while they talk, rather than being on your phone is an experience that tend to take granted for. This is truly a timeless act of giving.

My favourite moments are when I get to have a meal and a simple conversation with my mother or when my niece would look at me, smile and ask me silly cute questions. Also when your cats would just stare at you out of genuine love. Lol.

5. Listening to beautiful Quran recitations on the way to work.

Absolutely out of this world. My current fav is Omar Hisham Al-Arabi and current Surah that I often listen to is Surah Ibrahim which has been giving a different level of depth in the morning. Surah Ibrahim because there is an ayat about gratitude.

On top of that, I’ve always admired Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and his curiosity about the Creator, ever since he was a child. Gratitude, innocence (like that of a child) and curiosity are three elements that I’ve been trying to instill more in my life—a realisation when I was listening to the Surah while reflecting on Prophet Ibrahim A.S’s life.

6. Saying “No” to things that don’t matter to me as much

With a lot of things that we ALL need to pursue in our lives, it’s impossible to do everything! There are certain things that I’d put my heart into because they align with my values and long term goals. But some, I don’t put time into it. In simpler word, prioritise. (Although I still have a problem with this sometimes).

So, my friend and I did a podcast about this, which honestly has helped me


Happiness truly lies in the simple things!

I don’t know why it has become more complicated than before (it’s the digital era) but I just feel we sometimes forget that we are richer than we think. It’s only a matter of how resourceful or how much you’re willing to give in order to get. Have you been trying to change your habits? Start with one thing that will me you happier today.

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I have nothing more than my stories about life, people and my Creator.

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