Happiness and being grateful really lie in the little things. I say this because I had this realisation yesterday when I was waiting for my turn in a bank. Actually, this would have not happened if it wasn’t for my wisdom tooth. But as Saturdays are only for appointments—and me being clueless—I’d have to delay again on weekdays to get my wisdom tooth sorted. Long story short, I ended up reactivating my savings account after neglecting it for a couple of years.

So, it took a wisdom tooth ache for me to take a grip of my life. I’ve realised that there had been soooo many things that I’ve been delaying to do just because I thought they are not important. I feel that for the past couple of months, I had been on a rush to do urgent, important things that I ended up feeling stressed out and deal with responsibilities that most people would on a daily basis.

Maybe it’s not so much about not wanting to take the responsibilities at hand, but it’s the idea that I need to have a certain amount of income then I would be ready. BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

First of all, suffice to say at this point in my life, I am broke. More than I have ever been as compared to when I was in uni. The only difference now and in uni is that I’ve been spending more mindfully and my money goes to a long-term investment: anything to do with attaining knowledge. My current financial state was one of the reasons why I have been anxious as I am not getting any younger. Plus, seeing other people of my age just getting the grips on their lives caught me thinking: “What have I been doing all these years?”

So, I’ve spent a week just thinking about what can I do in my control to change my life?

I can’t wait for an ideal state to only move get things going. All this worry amounted to nothing had I not taken any action that is within my control. I’ve also realised that I’ve let the external matters like my financial state to take control of my decisions in my life rather than me being in complete control of it.

Being resourceful and utilising the control that you’re given—what you have in your hands is the start to take a grip to be happy.

So, as while I was waiting for my turn in the bank, I had read a few pages of a book, wrote around 200 words in my phone and made use of it instead of passively waiting, staring in space or spending my time on social media unproductively. These are truly simple actions. It doesn’t change my life instantly but it helped me to fill my time with value.

I could’ve complained and become impatient about how my Saturday was supposed to be the day that I got my tooth checked and ended up not going to the bank. But I chose to utilise my time with things that I love doing.


The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “How wonderful is the case of a believer; there is good for him in everything and this applies only to a believer. If prosperity attends him, he expresses gratitude to Allah and that is good for him; and if adversity befalls him, he endures it patiently and that is better for him”.


I really love this hadith. It sums up how life can be wonderful for a believer if he or she have these 2 things in their lives: Gratitude and patience. I also love that it mentions gratitude first because you can’t be patient if you are not grateful.

Going back I had to make two trips to the bank because I didn’t know my account was registered under a book. But I had forgotten where I’ve been keeping my bank book.

To make matters worse, the bank teller said “That means you have to have a police report to reactive your account”.

I asked “What if I want to just close it?”

“Same thing. Need a police report.”

I made my way out and said thank you.

I was already thinking about the hassle I’d have to go through and was ready to just let it go regardless of still having money in that account. But because I was early, I decided I neeeed to get it done today. So I went home, and Alhamdulillah! After going through my documents, I found it in between one of my old files (which triggered me to declutter and clean). I made my trip back to the bank just in time being the second last customer.

So, I had to wait twice. I could’ve focused on how long I’d need to wait but instead, I just sat there in peace pondering about how beautiful things can be in this simplicity. Only then, I’ve found my patience without even trying.

Happiness truly lies in the small things especially as you get older.

When I’m lost, I’d go back to the simpler things in life such as cleaning, decluttering my space and in this case, reopening my savings account so I keep the motions of my life going regardless of it not being the flashy big things. Only then I’d be able to release some mental burdens—things that I’ve been putting off, ignoring all of my basic necessities in attempt to “reach my dreams”.

Nobody taught us in school that these simple things can contribute to your life in a grander way. If you declutter your space, you actually are making space to do your ibadah, allowing your mind to focus on the things that matter, and to remind yourself the power of living with less materials. These simple actions contribute to your well being that in the end you are able to penetrate that vibe to others around you.

And to answer on how to be happy is actually super simple:

Appreciate the simple things in life. Be grateful at the little things in life. Start with one if you can’t start with ten.

Answer your difficult question the right way.

To answer the question: “What have I been doing all these years?”.

To put into another positive perspectives: Exploring. Trying new things. Finding myself in a world filled with risks and opportunities. Finding the truth. Stepping out of my comfort zone. Learning. Seeking knowledge. Growing. Pushing myself until I can’t. Burning myself out for the greater good.

Most importantly, it has always been finding myself by rediscovering my relationship with Him.

I really hope this was beneficial to you as my trip the bank was to me. For more contents similar to this, you can subscribe by entering your email below 🙂

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