I’ve been feeling kind of dry with what I’d like to share. You can say that I’m out of my creative fuel today. Maybe I haven’t had enough sleep or maybe I haven’t completely refill myself enough to give better.

But I believe that everything around us can give us the inspiration if only we are subtle and conscious enough of our surroundings.

Just today, some of sibs and mama had breakfast out together.

“Mama mau bali washi tape krg”
“I want to buy some washi tapes later”

Mama is actually a creative person but has only come out recently especially when our birthdays would come and that she would craft customised cards for each of us. What I find fascinating about her is that unlike me, or some of us, she doesn’t wait for inspiration to come but just does it or would find her way to grab on to that inspiration. As traditional as she is, she has her own Pinterest account where she’d browse for inspiration.

She never talked about how “difficult” it is to find inspiration simply because she just loves what she’s doing. For instance, she made customised cards for us out of love and to “serve” us with her creativity and care. In fact, she has served more than she could ever realised. The amount of energy that she’d put to care for us (may Allah bless our caretakers) and in addition to that how she managed to stay in the same job as a nurse to serve or help other people. She also looooves cooking for us. Whenever we’d have “makan-makan” (family event revolving around eating haha), she’d be the last person to eat as she’d observe her guests to eat. She’d usually pause and look at all of us and smile.

Then she would usually say “I kind of feel full” She feels full from seeing how happy we are eating the meals that she had served. Subhanallah.

This brings me to a realisation that we will always be uninspired and tired if our mind revolves around “what is in it for me?”.

I believe true fulfillment comes from our act of giving and serving other people.

I don’t mean we need to do big major things. It could be as simple as giving food to a stray cat or dog. It could be as simple as holding a door to the person behind you.

I wholeheartedly believe our common purpose in life is to serve other people to sustain our circle of life and in the end we get the benefit of this fulfillment in our heart AND with the right intention, the reward from Allah when we help other people.

Whenever we feel like everything around us is dull; whenever we feel like we are too focused on our problems, perhaps it’s because are not clear enough with the concept of “living to give” but of course, you need to continously fill yourself up.

So, if we continue to seek the opportunities to give and fill ourselves up, then by Allah’s will, life will never stop being fun and colourful despite them coming with a lot of different challenges. It all comes down to the wisdom to know how to balance between these two.

I am sure that you (yes you!) have served people in your own unique way and you too, should pat yourself at the back. And let’s pause for a moment to appreciate ourselves and be grateful to Allah for giving us the opportunities to serve other people!

Alhamdulillah, we are at 70% to 80% of publishing our
podcast! Now we are moving on to the final tech
check and making sure that it is available for 
anyone to listen to! 

Background of "A Sunday Thing" podcast
It has always been about us exploring a path that 
would lead us back to Him, our Lord of the worlds. 
This has always been our mission and Alhamdulillah, 
Allah showed us the way to do this.

And I would also like to remind you 
(especially to myself) that all of your dreams, goals 
that you want to achieve are possible even if 
you started from the bottom 
(all it takes is continous hard work, 
support and lots of du'a to Allah!)

We pray that this podcast 
will contribute to your journey towards 
becoming a better person, 
a better slave of Allah SWT as that is 
our ultimate goal in life. 

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Posted by:Syaza

I have nothing more than my stories about life, people and my Creator.

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