I had a post prepared that I wanted to post today, but I decided that I wanted to write what comes genuinely from me today on a Sunday morning.

It has always been my intention to advocate authenticity and just becoming the best and genuine self—ourselves in which we are comfortable enough to become. Courageous and confident, despite our flaws and weaknesses. Unapologetic and opinionated, but kind and considerate. These statements seem to contradict each other but I believe we can if we only allow ourselves to be.

I had this thought as Teah and I yesterday was just talking about how we started having these kinds of conversations. I remember back when I was unemployed, lost with what I wanted to do with my life; I was disappointed by my own expectations. I was disappointed on how I wasn’t able to make it being an adult after being completely independent for 3 years abroad. But the questions that I kept constantly had in my head was “Why?”

On my pursuit of searching for “why”, I ventured to a lot of different things but my heart always went back to my purpose that becomes a mission to spread wisdom and authenticity as the foundation of ourselves. So we don’t simply define ourselves by what we see on the surface. So that our relationships and lives become more meaningful and fulfilling despite not being able to meet the so-called societal standards. So that we are able to connect with Allah mindfully, with the clearest form of guidance from Him.

It all started from this intention that later became an over-planned far fetched project, that later became a podcast. I was just reflecting with Teah on how far we’ve come just because we were, while on the journey trying to “launch our first project”, continuously were exploring our own selves by just putting ourselves on places regardless of how we both had our own little insecurities (or at least I did).

Really, we are just average, 2 little town girls who are on a pursuit of constantly of improving ourselves AND because of these, we had been able to unravel our internal barriers, step-by-step, hardships by hardships and lessons after lessons. But we also believe that perhaps, throughout our journey of figuring ourselves out, there are those out there who can relate and find it somehow… beneficial.

After having this intention and mission at heart, we were able to progress (although so slow at the beginning), regardless of how we are still struggling at some many areas in our lives. Even if we have to give through our words, then at least, we know we won’t regret ourselves for not taking the leap in the first place.What have we got to lose anyway?

If you have gone through a frustration that you feel it has become out of control, use these the driving force to lead you on regardless of it being uncertain. But always, always start with intention.

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Posted by:Syaza

I have nothing more than my stories about life, people and my Creator.

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