*DRUM ROLLSS PLEASE* GUESS WHAT, GUYS. WE ARE RELEASING THEM SOON! *Crying* Here’s a sneak peek and a bit of story of behind-the-scenes.

Also a big shout out to Teah (My underrated graphic designer artistic bestie. Do give her some love and support!) who’s behind the graphic design!

I’ve been so, so excited about finally revealing the output of our podcast. Honestly, we have both been nervous as we have been recording for the past 1.5 months with lots of challenges (recording online and sounding like a robot at times and having to repeat what we both need to say AND having to switch places to find the right place to record without disruptions) BUT I’ve realised that it is throughout this process I’ve learned a lot about how long and difficult it is to prepare quality contents in the midst of an ocean of information. But also, how our conversations would actually be relevant.

The naming behind this was totally random as we had decided to start this podcast anyway. (just as how Teah and I are wired)

And oh, the editing! The editing part is a mix of pain and satisfaction. I have to admit I keep on criticizing myself (not being hard on myself but more of “apa saja kan kau cakap ani” or “what is is are you trying to say?” that I ended up deleting the whole section). BUT the best thing about recording the podcasts is that the topics that we’ll be discussing are suggestions from those who have been actively engaging with me on IG.

SO, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO GOT INVOLVED!! We really appreciate your DMs and long thoughtful comments.

All of the topics that YOU have suggested we’ll try our best to research about them and talk about them!

Again, honestly, it’s nerve-wrecking in a sense that we’ll be putting our opinions and thoughts in which we had kept private before this, out in the open (nothing too controversial though, so sorry to disappoint you). The pressure was definitely there in hopes that whatever we say are beneficial and relatable to whomever will be listening to it.

(Disclaimer) As a first-timer though, the quality won’t be at its best but we do hope that as we progress, we’d improve over time technically and content-wise. Please pray that the release will be smooth and that we’ll continue to make time for the podcast with the aim to help whoever is out there to break their internal barriers and have a better understanding about their difficulties. We’re in this together, people!

Anyway, how this works is going to be a release of one podcast a week. Here are the topics that we’ll be releasing for the first time!

Ep. 1 On Self-Esteem

Ep 2. Hope

Ep 3. It’s OK to say NO (Original suggestion, It’s OK to not say OK: Your body and soul need rest)

Ep. 4 Dealing with Rejections

Ep. 5 Toxic Relationships

Ep. 6 Letting Go

Sooooo, if you would like to receive updates about this podcast, all you have to do is just enter your email address below and just confirm! You can also say hello to me or ask me any questions at hello@syaza.co, I will answer them as soon as I can.

Success! You're on the list.
PS/ Feel free to share this with anyone whom you think might benefit from it. Spread the love for knowledge ā¤
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I have nothing more than my stories about life, people and my Creator.

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