How many of you suffers from saying “yes” to every opportunity coming your way because well, you are optimistic like that and you think that all projects are meant for you just because you think it’s good for your growth?


I guess we’ve all been there especially when you have committed yourself to so many things. It’s thrilling in the beginning but you’d end up burning yourselves out in the long run, correct?

Before I even start going into the deeper reasons why most of us have a problem with setting priorities, managing ourselves within the time… let me start with a recap. When you were in school, do you remember the feeling of wanting to do everything just because you want to put them in your CV i.e. the traps that your teachers told you that it would be good to display on your resume so it’ll help you to get a job? (Disclaimer: Not saying what you’ve done in school were a total waste!)

Well, it’s too bad we were all wired to think that all we’ve ever done in this life is just to get a job and settle down. I am not saying these are essentially bad but these are beliefs that truly limit us from becoming our best selves.

But at the same time, because we were taught to be high-achievers, we don’t know when to stop and we’d start deviating from our purpose feeling uneasy that it’s okay to wind down for a while to reflect.

Here are 3 short reminders before you start saying yes to the next opportunity.

Here are 3 summaries that I’ve learned from being a former “yes” woman:

1 ) It’s okay to say no when it doesn’t align with your core values and identities.

Well, what happens is we are stuck in this belief that every good opportunity would serve you. That whatever opportunities that would come your way will somehow benefit you. But I’ve learned that you should rather first identifying your core values and identities plus, what you really want in life.

I’ve realised only when I took the time off from doing everything while taking the time to reflect that I was able to identity what matters to me.

It’s also a selfless act to let go of something so that someone else can take that opportunity and benefit from it

2) You might feel guilty of saying “no” to an opportunity, especially if it’s essentially a good one.

It could be declining something now may mean you are giving an opportunity for someone else who may need it more than you.

In a way, you are giving more space for yourself to accept an opportunity that might give more impact to your goals. So, don’t feel bad about it!

3) You don’t need to be good at everything.

It’s okay to suck at something. It’s okay to just be mediocre at so many things BUT a master at one thing. That’s why we are created with different talents and wants.

The one thing that I’ve learned when it comes to success is to focus one thing at a time and try to master it at one period at a time.

Wait… does that mean I have to always be extremely cautious all the time?

Of course not! It would be a shame to live a life overthinking and being too careful that you’re missing out. In the end of the day, it’s all about finding balance.

It’s not that easy to recognise what matters to you at first but eventually as you go on with life and make mistakes (I underestimated the power of making mistakes), you’ll learn what would serve you in your long-term goals rather than you deciding based on temporary pleasures and wins.

If anything, go back to your core values and identities and start from there.

So, I've announced on Instagram that my friend and I are starting a podcast series! Currently at the recording phase, but this is one of the topics that we've talked about. Super excited to share our outcomes but then we are on the trial-and-error phase! Pray for us ❤
Probably releasing everything after Eid season.

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