Not everything comes out easy

If you didn’t already know who Sarah Kay is and if you’ve loved or starting to get in touch with spoken word or poetry, then you should absolutely check her out.

I was just trying to find some inspiration, oddly enough in YouTube—a marry between a black hole and distraction—and ideas to accumulate before I’d start writing etc.

It was easy to find her as she had appeared in Tedx talks and many spoken word shows. Most of them are 3-4 year old videos but her words are still spreading out and wide even to an obscure country like where I live today. I am even more reassured that words can never be obsolete especially if it comes from deep within.

Other than her mesmerising poetry that she had performed on stage, one occasion—her story—strucked me. She was just taking up a challenge for a month to write a poetry everyday and hence 30 pieces of poetry by the end of the month. But of all the pieces that she wrote, she was just telling the same story but rephrased into 30 versions of it.

This is exactly what I’ve been feeling as I supposedly embark into this 30-day writing challenge. Most of the time, I feel like the message that I am trying to give is nothing more but a simple story.

But words are boundless. They are like particles in air, subtle specks of info packs for the bodies that would live among them… if that makes sense at all.

Not all stories are easy to express. Some are still stuck in me wondering how and when would be the best way and time to come out.

I don’t know how this challenge would turn out for me. A story or 30, I still have a story in me. We all do.

2 thoughts on “Not everything comes out easy

  1. Absolutely agree. There’s so many different ways to tell the same story. One of the ideas I seem to always write in my blog is about the inadequacy of language. Because it really bothers me.

    I guess with all these different versions of a story, we’re just trying to express something that cannot be expressed in essence. It’s unseen and non logical. But it’s felt. It’s real. It’s nuanced. Something like that can’t really be reduced to words.

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