Why we fear uncertainties

Nobody likes uncertainties. Fear of the unknown they say.

It’s only fair when we don’t feel the urgency to change because we fear of uncertainties. We create narratives and ideals in our heads but we are not willing to work for it.

It’s because we’re lacking of a mission—a sense of direction of where we’re heading. We travel on a road to an unknown destination. We’re lacking of a map that would guide us towards that destination. Perhaps it’s because we can’t read the map that is hindering us from moving forward. Or we’d create excuses to avoid reading the map because to you, it’s too rough and impossible to go through.

But imagine this. You know exactly where you need to go. There is no other way but that place. Otherwise, there would be consequences. You’d finally find the meaning of life and wouldn’t be stuck feeling lost. You’d do what it takes to avoid the consequences.

It all comes down to your choice.

Everything in life becomes certain when you are driven by certain values and a sense of purpose. Even if it can be exhausting at times, you’d imagine reaching your destination and get say to yourself “It’s over. I’m finally here”.

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