Today, I don’t feel like writing a long post about what I’ve learned or what I’ve been thinking. I need to do… nothing. Just nothing and not feel the guilt for being still.

Anyway, it’s the new year for the Muslims.

When it comes to resolutions, we always have this flashy ideas about the big things that we need to be doing in order to “make an impact”.

Now, I am not being pessimistic nor am I unmotivated. But honestly, I am tired of setting big goals for myself when I haven’t taken care of the small, essential things in my life. In the end, I’d punish myself and would feel terrible. The cycle would go on until I’d sit down to reset and find myself again.

See, I had been feeling anxious and once I brought myself back to the present… that’s when I’ve realised that I need to just step back again.

It so happened that I read this much needed article about how important it is to establish the essential small skills that we tend to neglect just because we’re so busy trying to chase the big things.

If you’ve been feeling like you’ve got too much on your plate, my only advice is this: take a break and start appreciating the small, mundane events in your life. 

This doesn’t mean you’ll stop. But you just need a break. These little moments in your lives will actually be something that you’ll appreciate one day.






Posted by:Syaza

Authenticity allows people to enter our world without forcing them to. Authenticity ripples into the hearts of others to create change without disrupting their own flow. So I write because of that. I also love coffee and cats. Intensely.

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