Some days, you’ll crack. You’ve reached your limits. You’ve tried your best but you don’t know where you went wrong. This would be the time when you wouldn’t be able to find exactly why you are feeling the way you are feeling.

Some days, you’ll question yourself why you’re here again. Some days, you’d feel fragile and you wouldn’t believe in yourself. Some days, you wouldn’t know exactly what it means to be strong anymore.

These are the exact feelings that I’ve been feeling over the past few days. Nothing bad had happened to me. In fact, everything was fine. It was either because I was mentally tired or my iman valley was dry as the desert. Although this episode wasn’t as bad as it had been before, I couldn’t stop thinking about why. Why was I feeling this way. 

So in search for “what was wrong with me”, I still couldn’t understand why but I realised something.

The only reason for you to crack, to fall, to break and to completely lose yourself so much that all you’ve got is your ability to bow down on your knees and pray to God  to “Help me” is this: humility.

Humility is a quality that one doesn’t easily get to have until something that would bring them back to the ground happen. Because all you’ve got is nothing but Him.

Break until you have nothing left on your plate. Just give it all to Him. Seriously.

To realise that you’d break for Him and that you’d attain humility in return is lifelong gift.

So, crack until you can’t.


PS/ I almost forgot my commitment to this! Gah. It was only when I was on
IG that I felt something was missing.



Posted by:Syaza

Authenticity allows people to enter our world without forcing them to. Authenticity ripples into the hearts of others to create change without disrupting their own flow. So I write because of that. I also love coffee and cats. Intensely.

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