Having a blog is such an odd thing. It’s like you’re putting your thoughts (the most private space that I believe we have) and emotions out in the open but sometimes you’d hope that no one would ever read them.

But you insisted on making them public because to you, it’s just a means to express yourself. You—the quiet, the unconventional, the introvert, the socially awkward—put yourself out in the open, on the internet… The most public and reachable place on Earth.

I guess no matter how private we’d think we’d like to be, we’d all want to leave our mark somewhere in this world. And words can never be obsolete.


Photo by Vincent Camacho on Unsplash


Posted by:Syaza

Authenticity allows people to enter our world without forcing them to. Authenticity ripples into the hearts of others to create change without disrupting their own flow. So I write because of that. I also love coffee and cats. Intensely.

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