I wonder if I could just sway my thoughts into riddles,

where the meaningless words sweep its way

into a medium that would cease

to exist.


Sometimes they suck the life out of you

to think,

to do,

to just be.


Where do I begin to unfold the reasons

for the existence of these melancholic thoughts

that translate themselves into becoming

these hidden and ineffable feelings.


If I could just see you and bring you into my hands

so you could be tangible,

so I can break you,

decode you…

and untangle the chaos that you’ve printed

in my head.


Because you’ve consumed me

too many times

so much so I’ve started losing the grip…

to my own soul.


I can’t even draw you

I can’t even describe you,

I can’t even talk to you,

you… that keeps bearing me down.


For if I am able to…

we’d collide.

at least, we don’t even have to fight anymore.

and at least, there’s an end to it.









Posted by:Syaza

Authenticity allows people to enter our world without forcing them to. Authenticity ripples into the hearts of others to create change without disrupting their own flow. So I write because of that. I also love coffee and cats. Intensely.

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