You know that feeling when you have a fresh idea and then you’re so driven and excited to do it in the beginning? But then after a while, you don’t feel like there’s anything new to bring to the table? And in the end, you would either walk away from it or simply forget about its existence in the first place…

Stagnant. Inconsistent. Boring. Routine. Anticlimatic.

Sounds familiar? I know. I’ve been there too. Too many times that I am starting to wonder whether there will be another peak for a particular goal that I’ve set myself for.

Just like how this blog started. I was so pumped up about finally having the place for me to express myself and with my own domain, it would seem as if I’ve got everything figured out. I’ve never considered writing as an obligation nor have I ever thought that I would be exhausted with ideas—at least not always.

But as time passes by, especially after I’ve started this blog (weirdly enough) things in my life have just started adding up. That I haven’t been able to focus on my writing career. Yes, I am writing now. Yes, I am writing for someone else. Yes, I am writing every single day. But I haven’t felt that satisfaction that I used to feel in a long time. I don’t remember the last time that I would look at a piece of writing and would walk away with a sense of satisfaction. I honestly don’t remember. Now, I sometimes write just for the sake of writing—just so I wouldn’t feel guilty for being on hiatus for a long time.

I guess I have been bottling up this frustration of “Yo, you don’t have an excuse for not writing. Either you do or you don’t” And it most cases, I’d be stuck with the latter. It has always been me who has been stopping myself from pushing this whole writing career to the next level.

It’s like I need to find my purpose in writing again.

Yes, that’s a place that I need to return to. A place where everything felt novel and exciting. A place where I don’t consider writing as a routine but a means for me to explore myself within and reflect on those around me.

And you. If you no longer feel the excitement and that you no longer feel curious about how to make your life, your business, your career and whatever you need to work on right now happen… then you need to remember to get the energy that you’ve had when you first started. No matter what. You’ve committed to this. This isn’t for you to prove anyone wrong nor it is for you to let the whole world knows what you’re capable of. It’s just a place where you finally feel in sync with yourself.

I guess that’s all that matters, it is for you to really connect with your inner world and finally say to yourself “This is it. I am going to make it or at least die trying” A bit dramatic, but you get the gist of it. It could be just a part of your creative process; who knows unless you keep doing it anyway, right?

And I needed to write this for me.


Posted by:Syaza

Authenticity allows people to enter our world without forcing them to. Authenticity ripples into the hearts of others to create change without disrupting their own flow. So I write because of that. I also love coffee and cats. Intensely.

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