An anthology of where things will get even more personal

So, it’s 2018. When things will get even more personal.

December last year was quite a challenge to keep up with my writing schedule that I’ve promised myself to commit to this blog. But because things are starting to add up in my life, I’ve realised that I need to set my priorities. This is not to say that I will post less on this blog but rather advance this to another level. I won’t be making a huge change but an addition to this blog: a newsletter. Yeap. That’s what I am going to do.

If you’re anything like me, I’ve always preferred emails over social media because you get to to control what you want to receive. You won’t be distracted by unnecessary contents that you have not chosen to get in the first place. I’ve always wanted to try this out only because I know it’ll be a place where things might go even more personal than what I’ve chosen to write here.

What I mean by personal is not that I will talk about my stories and private matters but a safe space for you and I to talk about life reflections and struggles that I have felt within. Not only will it be a safe space but a way for me to set some boundaries between my life and the internet playground.

Writing is definitely difficult especially for a private person myself. I don’t usually talk about my personal struggles with anyone. Just last year (seems like ages ago innit), I’ve talked about facing my fear of “coming out” with vulnerable stories. I doubted so much about putting my stories out because I was afraid that I might lack the results that I was hoping for.

But I always tell myself this:

What goes beyond the surface of your skin is out of your control.

Somehow, people relate to these because I guess struggles are the pinnacles of our existence. It’s true. But it’s not something that we would comfortably express on the internet and especially on social media.

Overtime, I’ve realised that it isn’t that I am not comfortable to welcome you into my thoughts (I mean, I wouldn’t have this blog if that was the case) but more towards of how these thoughts are received.

So, that’s the purpose of newsletter comes into place. Things will get even more personal. But not to the extent that you’ll know me like how you’d know me in real life.

But why would you subscribe you might ask? If you enjoy deep talk, then that’s what you’ll get from “Soulful Friday”. That’s all I will have to say for now.


Scroll to the bottom of this page to see what I mean, if you haven't.







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